Creative Ways to Get Roofing Leads Regularly

When you first open your roofing business, the rush of new leads may give you a false hope that you’ll easily find leads consistently. But, finding new roofing leads is something that…

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how to get more regular leads

how to get more regular leads

When you first open your roofing business, the rush of new leads may give you a false hope that you’ll easily find leads consistently. But, finding new roofing leads is something that you need to work on continuously as part of your overall marketing strategy. As a roofing business owner, you should have some creative ideas in your pocket to use to help you generate new leads as your business grows. The following methods are reliable enough to bring you some leads that you can convert to sales but creative enough to excite people about your company.

Optimize Your Website

You know that your site is an essential part of your marketing strategy. But, you may not know how important it is for your site to stand out from the competition and be ready to convert visitors to leads and, potentially, to customers. Therefore, your website should be creative, engaging, and optimized to pull visitors in to make it one of the best ways to find free roofing leads that come to you.

How do you do that? An essential element to your website that shows visitors the most important aspects of your company is the landing page. This is the main page that visitors see when they visit your site and can list everything from your services and photo gallery to your contact information and links for a free quote. The less amount of time people have to click around to find out what they came to your site for, the more likely they’ll be to fill out a quick contact form or give their information for you to communicate with them. 

Your landing page should be clean with precise wording, engaging fonts, and crisp photos. Stick to making it simple instead of overloading it with information. Your visitors should be able to skim it to find what they need. Include a clear call-to-action to entice visitors to give you their email address or fill out a form for a free quote, giving you a lead with no additional effort from you.

Partner with Local Businesses

When you partner with local businesses, you show your support of your local commerce system and get your company name spread to others who may need your services at some point. A roofing company may find it beneficial to target local hardware stores, for example, to find people who may be interested in their business. This type of partnership is also called co-marketing.

Many co-marketing partnerships work well using referrals. The hardware store may refer a customer who’s looking to repair his roof on his own to your company and offer one of your business cards. In return, you can refer your clients to the same hardware store for supplies they need to maintain their home. You’ll get free advertisement by partnering with local businesses and the additional advantage of a trustworthy business backing your company name.   

Create a Referral Program

A referral program for your employees and customers can also help generate roofing leads for your business. Your employees want to remain in business as much as you do, so offering incentives for them to refer friends and family to your company for their roofing needs may encourage them to share with others about your business’s services consistently.

And your clients can be one of the best resources for giving you free roofing leads. Happy customers are often willing to share their experiences with others on social media or review sites. Offer a special discount for a future service to any client who brings you a qualified lead.

Track the Weather

Weather is an important part of the roofing business, so why not use it to your advantage to generate more leads? There are several storm-tracking apps and software that you can use to stay on top of where weather experts expect storms to hit in your area, or you can subscribe to weather alerts through your local news stations or The Weather Channel.

Once you learn where and when the storms are coming, you can get your crew prepared and call or visit the homes or businesses of those likely to be affected. Some storm alerts can give you several days’ warning before one hits, so you may even have time to send out a direct mail campaign targeting the affected area. 

Participate in Trade Shows and Local Events

Finding local leads is the most important part of a roofing business unless you don’t mind traveling a lot. Participating in trade shows and local events can give you an advantage over other companies in your area who choose not to get involved. Even if they do join, you can use the events to keep up on new things other companies are doing so you’ll know where you may need to improve.

Those visiting your trade show booth should get significant takeaways, like your contact information and something valuable, like a free quote. And be sure to get contact information for your leads so you can follow up with them. Also, check your local Chamber of Commerce for upcoming business events and ask how you can participate. A Verizon survey noted that 87% of people prefer to meet others in-person, so face-to-face communication can be a great way to generate leads.

Get Solid Roofing Leads

A little bit of creativity in your website and marketing efforts can go a long way in generating leads for your roofing business. It’s important to get your company name into the hands of as many locals as possible, which is easier when you do so in a creative way that stands out. Be present in your town by partnering with other businesses and participating in events and leverage your current clients and employees to reach potential leads. 

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